The Taurus Woman - Fixed Earth (Feminine)

The sensuous earthy Taurus woman. Taurus the fixed sign of the spring.  She is a soft yet stern woman. She knows exactly what she wants.  An energy that's not easily swayed. Taurus like what they like and know what they know and there's not much you can do to change that.  The best way to describe the taurus energy is slow and steady.  They take their time to understand and build the life they want.  A fixed Earth sign, they require stability in their life and don't do well with disorder.  This is not a sign that will do things based off of intuition alone. Being an earth sign, practicality is a must. Everything has to be done with precaution, examination,  and precision.  This is not a sign that likes surprises.  They enjoy seeing tangible result for their efforts and are willing to take their time to get it right. Routine is a taurus's language. They like to keep track and order of their day to day actions to make sure things are running smoothly and goals are being met.

The Taurus woman is an earth woman so please come baring gifts.  The five senses are associated with Taurus.  Taurus enjoys quality fabrics, not just for the look but for how it actually feels touching their skin as well as the longevity & stability of quality investments.  They enjoy real flowers, the fake ones won't cut it.  Taurus women and people with taurus placements can make great chefs. Ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and aesthetic these women are gorgeous and will do very well as models or set designers.  Really any profession that helps stimulate the senses, sight, taste, touch, sound,  scent the taurus woman will be great at.  For this reason they make great housewives.  Creating a healthy comfortable environment for their family is something they pride themselves in.  They also are good at household and health management being the fixed sign that they are.

This is an extremely feminine woman. They'll definitely enjoy being a house wife for a man who takes care of his masculine duties as well as shower her with gifts and appreciation. Although extremely loyal, this is not a love you for you type of sign when it comes to lifetime partnerships. There needs to be some practicality in the relationship for it to work.  Of course love is the focal point, but love don't pay the bills. 

Some may consider the taurus energy as boring but that's far from the case. They may be slow at opening up but their close friends know that they love a good time.  They love to enjoy their friends at gatherings in aesthetically pleasing environments centered around good food, and good music. They make great and loyal friends always showing up and supporting the people they love. Taurus rules the senses and can be a very pleasurable partner.  They are rewarded with the gift of touch and knows how to please. The Venus energy makes them sensual and seductive. However, Their fixed earth energy can make them extremely stubborn.