Diary of A Strong Black Woman

 When femininity is unprotected .

When femininity is misdirected.

When femininity is mishandled  .

Abused & neglected.

When Femininity is abandoned

used and taken for granted.

Femininity turns cold, harsh, & unpleasant

Femininity turns off & the seed that is planted

Is a hurt woman with her guard held high.

Especially if she’s been wounded and left to die.

Left to to heal her own scars and patch herself up

Because somebody uprooted her who didn’t give a fuck.


Black women are not Masculine . Black women have been Masculinized.

Every rose has its thorns. And those thorns are there to protect them . People will uproot you because they admire your petals and throw you away once you start to wither. Yet, you only withered because you were not properly rooted and not handled with care .Stay Soft but keep that dog about you & keep those thorns sharp. They’re their yo protect you .




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