Spiritual Warfare.


Spiritual Warfare

Guard your body there’s a soul in it .

Don’t let just anybody touch your spirit .

Don’t let them come inside & take control of it .

infiltrate your mind & take a hold of it .


Don’t even  let em take a dose of it .

They don’t care about the wounds that they've dug in it.

They’ll claim they care about you but it’s counterfeit .

Chew your soul, spit it out, & walk right over it .

Only give yourself to someone who’s deserving it.

One who’s putting in that work and truly earning it .


The one who shows up that’s the one that you choose .

The one asking for your needs not just asking for nudes .

They’ll know they’re hurting you and they won’t even care .

Guard your soul in this spiritual warfare .

You better Armor up before you go out there .

The playing field ain’t even & it’s cold out there .

Sharks in the water you need a boat out there.

I’m just speaking from experience so I had to share .

- Lady Dice 

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