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Black Women are not Masculine Black Women Have Been Masculinized. 

Being a woman is beautiful and femininity is powerful. However, modern society has been teaching women as well as men that femininity is weak. It has diluted the power of femininity to the lesser instead of the necessary component for the masculine to thrive.  It has been  pushing women to be "independent" and that somehow having a family is them settling in life and that our careers are more important than creating spiritual bonds and legacies.  We have not been taught about the beauty of being a feminine woman and the power that comes along with it. The lack of cultural training as well as no separation or celebration of the opposite sexes has blurred the lines of what it is to be a man and what it is to be a woman.  I believe that it is essential to our survival as a people for our women to get back in touch with our femininity and our men, their masculinity. I believe we are more powerful when operating together within our nature.

As a unique people with a unique history black women have a unique experience.  I'd love to speak with ladies to document our experiences as black women. To present a platform for women to express how we have been systematically and culturally designed to think and operate as it pertains to our relationship with the opposite sex. I'd love for us to unpack traumas that keeps us from developing and maintaining healthy relationships or a healthy thought process about relationships in general. Although we all come from different backgrounds,  as I speak with women in my age bracket 25-35 I'm realizing that many of us are suffering with similar experiences and psychological issues whether single, in a relationship, or married.  

Where are you from? What kind of family environment did you grow up in? What kind of community environment did you grow up in? What kind of cultural environment did you grow up in? What was the media that you were consuming marketing to you and the men as a child? What has been your experience with the opposite sex both inside and outside the household? Personally and non personally etc. How do you feel about the current criticism of black women as it pertains to our femininity?  

If you'd like to go live me and speak about your experience please email me at or DM me at @Thedicemag_ on instagram.

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