You're Something - Lady Dice Spoken Word

Imagine barely wanting to be here

Then somebody comes inside your life to makes it real clear

That you ain’t shit and don’t mean shit

Like you ain’t rare.

Like you ain't got a soul

Like you ain't got a reason to be here.


Imagine watching somebody feed the world

But don’t even care if you was hungry

Cause you ain’t a girl

That they find worthy

But somehow they feel so goddamn entitled to yo body.

Mind you, they came in your life

you ain’t invite them to yo party.


Already hurtin then they came on in

& made it worse but see what’s worse is that

Is that you let them in.

But for some reason it’s hard for you to kick them out.

Because you love them but you know this ain’t what loves about.


I was out of my mind.

To let you waste my time .

Don’t even know me,

only fuckin with me cause I’m fine.

Shouldn’t have let you in

I wish you wasn’t  on my mind

I wish I could go back

I wish I could erase the time.


You don’t know how many nights I cried.

When you let somebody use you you’ll feel dead inside .

Keep your head up baby don’t let them kill your pride

How they treat isn’t how you should feel inside .


Don’t ever let nobody treat you like nothin.

Always remember you something .





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